Regional Differentiated Pricing of Teian

Teian’s desire is to provide an opportunity for people in underdeveloped regions in terms of synthesizers and technology art to access this culture. Therefore, Teian wants to try a new sales approach, which is global regional differentiated pricing. In specific regions, Teian products are priced at 60% of the regular price, and these countries mostly come from recognized relatively underdeveloped regions in Asia, Africa, and Latin America¹. On Aliexpress, selecting the respective country will display the corresponding price.

China is not within the scope of this plan.

¹ Currently these countries are not included: Russia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Spain, France, United States, Israel, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Romania, Croatia, Ireland, Austria, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Malta, Luxembourg, Singapore, Canada, South Korea, Japan.