About Teian

Teian is a project initiated by Xuanning Chen in late 2023. Teian is both an organization and an action. With a multinational background in the Netherlands and China, Xuanning aims to connect the synthesizer and technology art fields in East Asia (China) and the rest of the world through Teian. In the business sector, Teian produces and sells its own branded products, as well as acts as an agent for other brands. In the cultural sector, Teian organizes the creation and exhibition of artworks.

Quality, safety, and sustainable:

Teian adheres to compliance principles, ensuring that all products meet the quality and environmental standards of the sales regions. The same requirements apply to our partners and agents. We strive to provide customers with a range of products that are of high quality, safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Teian is registered in the Netherlands and has offices in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and Shenzhen, China.